Important Dates

9/2/14: First Day of School

9/5/14: PTO Volunteer Fair, 8:15am

9/9/14: PTO Meeting, 6:30pm

10/1/14: K-2 Open House, 6:00pm

10/2/14: 3-5 Open House, 6:00pm

10/9/14: School Photo Day

10/10/14: PTO Meeting

10/25/14: Fall Festival

Contact Information




Instructional Hours: 8:00am – 2:40pm

Half Day: 8:00am - 12:30pm

Delayed Opening: 10:00am


82 Scofieldtown Road

Stamford , CT 06903
Phone: (203) 977-4469
Fax: (203) 977-4312

PrincipalMr. Hubert Gordon

Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Kathy Cibulskas-Lane

Office Staff: Mrs. Britt and Ms. Morrell

New Directions








Northeast Elementary 


Updated Sunday, August 24th 2014


Bus Information Update




If your child is eligible to take a bus to school this year, you will be receiving a personalized letter with the bus schedule this week. We are aware that The Advocate unfortunately left several schools off of the list they published on Sunday. They are working to publish the missing schools on Monday or Tuesday. 


Si su niño o niña es elegible para tomar un bus (o güagüa) para la escuela este año, usted estará recibiendo una carta personal esta semana con el horario del bus (güagüa). Además, sabemos que desafortunadamente el Advocate dejó a varias escuelas fuera de la lista de buses (güagüas) que publicó en el periódico del domingo. Les aseguramos que estamos tratando de publicar la información que falta sobre escuelas el lunes o martes.


Class Assignments

As we near the beginning of the school year we are entering into the final phase of class placement for the 2014- 2015 school year.  Phase-one of the process involved teams of teachers creating the class lists for the upcoming year. Phase-two involved notifying parents and students and making necessary adjustments to the class assignments. Phase-three will involve integrating newly registered students into the existing lists in a way that creates balanced, well-integrated, classrooms.


As we begin phase-three of our class placements I have asked Mrs. Lane, the Assistant Principal, to place the priority for finalizing the lists on maintaining balanced classrooms.  The current class lists are balanced in terms of gender, ethnicity, academic ability and behavioral compatibility and changes to these lists require a considerable amount of shuffling. Therefore, we ask that parents assist us in this phase by refraining from requests for last minute changes to the class lists.   


New Directions

New Directions is the name of a tab that we have embedded on the website that has links to articles and ideas about pedagogy and educational psychology.  I invite you to read the articles and watch the videos that we have placed on the site. Many of these resources will support our discussions later on in the year.


For Teachers: When can I set up my room?

The tentative answer is this Wednesday, August 20th during regular summer hours (8:00 am – 3:00pm). Please note that the custodial staff is still preparing the floors, so you could potentially have to wait if they are working near your classroom. 


Hubert Gordon                        Kathy Lane

Elementary Principal                Assistant Principal