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Principal's Page

Dear Families,

I want to personally welcome you to Northeast Elementary School. Our school is one of Stamford's gems, nestled in the wooded tranquility of North Stamford. The peaceful surroundings that we inhabit are a welcome juxtaposition to the vibrant community that exists within our walls.

We are part of a rich tapestry that is Stamford. As such, our school resembles the make-up of our diverse city. We embrace this diversity and believe it is an asset to be harnessed. Diversity strengthens our students and better prepares them for the world ahead. Our students graduate from Northeast with a keen appreciation of the diverse world around them and how they can be a productive part of it. As diverse as our population is, we are singular in our commitment to the success of every child. As a school, we endeavor to empower every student by providing an exemplary educational foundation that includes: critical and creative thinking, social-emotional learning, physical education, music, and the arts, all in a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.

We are looking forward to another exciting year here at Northeast.

Estimadas Familias,

Deseo personalmente darle la bienvenida a Northeast Elementary School. Nuestra escuela es una de las gemas de Stamford situada en la tranquilidad de los bosques de North Stamford. Los tranquilos alrededores en los que habitamos están en yuxtaposición a la vibrante comunidad que existe dentro de nuestras paredes.

Somos parte de un gran tapiz que es Stamford. Como tal, nuestra escuela se asemeja a la composición diversa de nuestra ciudad. Acogemos esta diversidad y creemos que es un activo para ser aprovechado. La diversidad fortalece a nuestros estudiantes y los prepara mejor para afrontar el mundo que vivirán en el futuro. Nuestros estudiantes se gradúan de Northeast con una gran apreciación de la pluralidad del mundo que los rodea y de cómo pueden ser parte productiva de él. Así como es diversa nuestra escuela, somos únicos en nuestro compromiso con el éxito de cada niño. Como escuela, nos esforzamos por empoderar a cada estudiante proporcionando una base educativa ejemplar que incluye: pensamiento crítico y creativo, aprendizaje socioemocional, educación física, música y artes, todo en un entorno de aprendizaje colaborativo e inclusivo.

Assistant Principal Kathy Lane

I am a lifelong Stamford Public School employee and former student. I went to Stillmeadow, Cloonan and Westhill High School. I have worked in many building since becoming a teacher and then an Assistant Principal.  I spent most of my years at Springdale School, Rogers K-8, and Northeast School. I have been working here at Northeast for 11 years. I love it here!!

At home I have 13 year old triplets. Grace, Maggie and Michael are my favorite people ever and they are in 8th grade this year.  We also have 4 Guinea Pigs (Jelly Bean, Willow, Dumpling, and Ginger), 7 chickens (Mango, Chica, Raven, Clarabelle, Clementine, Barbara and Dolores), and two dogs (Gunner and Tank). Two funny pet facts…. Dolores lays green eggs and Gunner is the size of a pony. We have fun with all the furry friends. 

When I am not here at work I am enjoying many different activities.  They include having fun with my kids and pets,  traveling (that is me above in Italy in front of the Colosseum), reading, cooking and baking, and shopping. 

I am excited for this year at school and can’t wait to see you all.

Teacher Leader for Student Support Patty Mould

  Over the past twenty-two years, Mrs. Mould has held many positions with the Stamford Public Schools in various buildings.  These positions include Grade 3 and 5 teacher, Curriculum Associate for Staff Development, Literacy Coach, Grade 3-5 Instructional Support Teacher, and Administrative Intern.  Prior to working for SPS, she was a Grade 3 teacher at Stamford’s St. Cecilia School for nine years.  As the TLSS now at Northeast, she strives to have every student be courageous, thoughtful, understanding, and inquisitive.  She also embraces the diverse community and welcomes all parents and families.  Mrs. Mould lives in Greenwich with her husband and son but has generational roots in Stamford.  Her son attends JM Wright Technical High School studying the trade of plumbing.  Mrs. Mould looks  forward to motivating and inspiring students each year while bringing out the best in them.