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Powerschool Parent Portal

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What is Powerschool Parent Portal? 
Parent Portal is where private student information can be found.  Every family and every child has an account.  This account is used from kindergarten up until graduation.  Remember your username and password please.

Powerschool Parent Portal is where the report card is housed.  Being environmently friendly, Stamford Public Schools does not print out report cards.  Instead, the Parent Portal allows parents/guardians to view the report card on any device (Ipad, computer and/or phone).

This portal is also where families find bus information.  Right before a new school year begins, bus information can be found in the Parent Portal web browser version NOT on the app.  This is the only location where families can find this private information.

Teacher email addresses are found here too.  Watch this tutorial to locate their email addressed.  Spanish tutorial here.  Attendance records are found here too.  Required tech forms are posted at the start of each year. 

The link for Parent Portal can be found on the District's homepage, on Northeast's homepage or here.  There is also an app.  If downloading the app you will need the District code: JQJK

Watch a short video on how to navigate the Parent Portal and how to see the report card.  Video in Spanish.  Or instead of a video, look at these Google Slides for assistance.  Google Slides (Spanish)